Portretist De Lobel Anne Mie

After having studying sculpture with Pol Spilliaert at the art institute Sint-Lucas in Ghent, I spent many years as set and costume designer for theatre. And I also worked as a book illustrator and poster designer. From working in theater, I moved to film industry. I worked 10 years as costume designer for the Belgian television. After this period I spent time at home raising my 2 children.
I relaunched my artistic career after a painting course of 4 years. The theme “people” became my biggest passion. I started with portraits but soon found my path in free painting and interpretation. I had finally found what I was been searching for and truly found my fulfilment.
This resulted in exhibitions such as Kluisbergen (1999), Dendermonde ( 2018), Oostende (2019), as well as many other shared group exhibitions.
Several years were spent working in a social context until I started again working with brush and canvas. This time on a full time basis.
People take my challenge and love. The portrait studies in all its forms are the result.